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巴拿马这个国家是以一个土著词命名的,"abundance of fish."  If that isn't enough to add it to your bucket list,Panama is one of the few places in the world you can 1zplaydive two oceans in one day.  With the warm,加勒比海东部的热带水域,太平洋西部鲨鱼出没的水域,it's just a two-hour car ride between them in some places.  Panama boasts 1,207km of Caribbean coast and 1,700km of Pacific coast.

在加勒比方面,1zplaydivers come for the abundance of colorful reef fish and corals.  When rating the best diving in Central American,博卡德尔托罗总是以它的白色沙滩和许多平静,protected areas.  It's a great place to learn how to 1zplaydive and the marine life make it a great place to keep diving.  Another popular spot on the Caribbean coast is Colon,only two hours from Panama City.  Just offshore,波托贝洛国家海洋公园有美丽的珊瑚,该地区充满了海盗船和沉船的历史。

在太平洋那边,cooler waters and currents make encounters with pelagic common.  Lucky 1zplaydivers can see several species of shark,鲸鲨,座头鲸,海豚,and more. Coiba National Marine Park is often referred to as the Galapagos of Central America and has the second largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. One liveaboard,科伊巴岛潜水1zplay探险,在巴拿马,exploring Coiba NP.  Their weeklong trips give the best opportunities to see the most of what Coiba has to offer.

就在赤道以北9度,Panama is hot and humid year round.  The rainy season is May- November and the dry season is December-April (with less humidity and almost no rain.)  Panama is not in the hurricane belt,but it can get strong winds from nearby storms.  Air temperatures throughout the year range form 20-32C,being a bit cooler in the winter/dry season.  Water temperatures vary between coasts.  The Caribbean side the water can be as cool as 25C in the winter and as warm as 28C in the summer.  Coiba can get as cold as 20C during winter and reaches a high of around 24C in the summer.

巴拿马由托克曼国际机场(PTY),which received international flights from all over the world daily.  Getting around Panama is easiest with many domestic flights out of Albrook International Airport (PAC),going throughout the country including Bocas del Toro and Colon.  Road systems are fine so getting around by rental car or bus is an option.  Ferryboats take people to Bocas del Toro.

Panama uses the US Dollar - although it's often referred to as the Balboa- and Spanish is the official language.  English is widely spoken in tourist areas and on the Caribbean coast,Guari Guari,加勒比地区的英语有很多种。


在巴拿马的加勒比海和太平洋沿岸都能找到潜水的好去处。但最受欢迎的两个潜水区是加勒比海的Bocas del Toro和太平洋的Coiba国家海洋公园。

Coiba National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes 38 islands.  Lonely Planet says it's "The best diving to be found along the Pacific Coast from Columbia to Mexico."  Coiba gets the big stuff.  Sharks can be seen on almost every 1zplaydive including white-tip reef sharks,黑尖礁鲨,和偶尔的锤头,牛,and tiger sharks.  Whale sharks are common visitors from December to April.  Humpback whales are seen July through October and orcas and pilot whales frequent the area.  Large schools of mantas and mobula rays sometimes swim by,大多数潜水者都有海1zplay龟,大鱼群,神仙鱼,蝴蝶鱼,和海豚。

在巴拿马的加勒比海一侧,靠近哥斯达黎加边界,is Bocas del Toro.  This archipelago of nine large islands includes the protected area of Isla Bastimentos National Marine.  Bocas is known for its well-preserved hard and soft corals.  Being outside of the official hurricane zone,远离大城市和河口,the coral is very healthy.  It is estimated that 95% of the coral species found in the Caribbean Sea can be found within the archipelago.

老虎岩被评为博卡德尔托罗附近最好的潜水地点之一,1zplayand is three rock pinnacles that rise up from the sea floor at 40m.  It's an advanced 1zplaydive and can have strong currents,但这是一个看鲨鱼的好地方,射线,大型鱼类的学校,whale sharks and dolphins.  Its location requires perfect sea conditions for boats to be able to get there.海豚的岩石是另一个可以看到鲨鱼的近海岩层,那里有许多色彩斑斓的鱼类。周围的潜水也很好Zapatillas沙洲,又一次远航。

接近,浮标线是一个杨树浅水区(靠近深水航道浮标),有海马,狮子鱼,螃蟹,还有很多道德。医院点is near the north end of Isla Solarte and has healthy cauliflower and brain corals on a sloping wall.  The 1zplaydive usually has a slow current and is 15m deep max.Sashek是另一种在Bastimentos和1zplayCarenero之间的漂流潜水,这种潜水有罕见的长诱饵蛙鱼。机场是一个受保护的地方,适合潜水训练,1zplay有很多珊瑚。

在加勒比方面,but further southeast is Portobelo National Park.  This is also a popular diving area with great marine life.  Being closer to Panama City,人们直接从城市来到这里潜水,这里有很多珊瑚礁潜水和沉船。1zplay

Water temperatures on the Caribbean side are warm year round (23-27C) and a 3mm is usually plenty. On the Pacific side,较冷的水流带来水(15-23摄氏度),so a 5mm will be comfortable.  For those doing deep 1zplaydives in the winter,可能存在热斜,所以7mm可能有用。


有这么多海岸线和潜水机会,Panama has numerous 1zplaydive shops offering different diving experiences.  Several shops located in Panama City offer training and diving to both coasts (and some trips offer both coasts in one day.)1zplay潜水冒险is one of these shops and has two locations in Panama City.  They offer PADI 1zplaydive courses and a wide range of gear for sale,以及潜水旅行巴拿马和国1zplay际旅行。1zplay潜水巴拿马还提供PADI课程和每日“潜水两大洋”之旅。1zplay

在太平洋那边,several 1zplaydive shops and one liveaboard dive Coiba National Marine Park.  Located in Santa Catalina,1zplay潜水科伊巴岛科伊巴岛潜水1zplay中心both offer PADI training and multiday trips. To really get the best from Coiba,科伊巴岛潜水1zplay探险有35米米/ V Yemaya船宿在岛上做7-14天的充电器,每天提供多次潜水,1zplayfood and accommodation onboard.  They also go to other island groups of Central and South America, including Costa Rica's Cocos Islands and Columbia's Malpelo Islands.

在加勒比方面,Bocas del Toro has many 1zplaydive shops to choose from.  Some of the more popular shops includeLa Buga潜1zplay水和冲浪,PADI五星级培训中心,1zplay潜水之旅,和其他海洋活动,如冲浪。星生态冒险还提供PADI训练和每天的船只潜水到博卡附近的许多受欢迎的潜水地点。1zplay博卡水上运动每天乘船旅行,PADI指令,皮划艇,尾波滑水,和浮潜。

在科隆附近,排名最高的潜水商店之一,1zplay是2海洋潜水者1zplayinside the Coco Plum Eco Lodge. This PADI 1zplaydive resort offers training and technical dive training.  They have daily boat dives in the Portobelo National Marine Park and specialize in walls,珊瑚礁,和沉船潜水。1zplay巴拿马潜水公司1zplay还教授PADI课程,1zplay潜水在波托贝洛国家海洋公园和有一个酒店在同一物业。这些商店还提供了几天的潜水活动,包括在加勒比海和太平洋的潜水活动。

Panama is easy to get to with many flights into Tocumen International Airport (PTY).  Roads are okay in Panama,也可以租车或乘公共汽车去海边,although road travel can take a long time due to the mountains. Tocumen has a few domestic flights to Bocas del Toro (BOC) or Colon (ONX),但是大多数人都离开了阿尔布鲁克。国际机场(PAC)距托克曼约一小时车程。





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